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ICT tools for poultry processing

Good quality ICT tools for poultry processing are becoming more and more essential in this industry. That’s why Dutch Vision Solutions always keeps researching the best ways to process poultry. With our innovative research we can always create the most productive ICT tools for poultry processing.

Ayin Quality Control software for poultry processing

Today’s poultry processors are looking for solutions that will allow them to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Reliable data processing is therefore essential to improve the way you work. Recognizing possible problems in an early stage will allow you to react promptly and adapt accordingly. With the Ayin Quality Control software for poultry processing you can now continuously monitor and improve product quality and food safety whilst at the same time reduce post processing labor.

The Ayin Quality Control software creates and controls a paperless production chain and automates your QC procedures. Valuable information is collected allowing management to recognize trends and plan ahead. When there is a deviation in your ‚Äústandard” quality you can monitor this as it happens and react to it immediately reducing possible risks and/or even avoid expensive production stops.

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