Head-only electrical stunner

This new innovative electrical stunner for broilers applies individual anaesthesia to each bird. The ‘Head-only’ electricals uses the resistance of the bird and applies a set milli-amp. to each individual bird, guaranteeing an effective reversible stun compliant with both EU 1099 & WATOK rules and legislations. Dutch Vision Solutions developed with the ‘head-only’ a high standard alternative for CAS. Handling a production capacity varying from 3- to 14.000 broilers per hour (bph) it easily fits in with most poultry processors and delivers >99% well stunned broilers. The negative effects on the product from the most commonly used waterbath stunning method doesn’t count for the ‘Head-only’.

‘Head-only’ – USP’s

– Far beyond  EC1099, WATOK and EFSA rules, legislations and opinions
– €. 0,01 per chicken less expensive as Controlled Atmosphere Stunning
– The only legally accepted reversible stunning to date
– Applicable in lines from 1000 > 14000 bph
– When fully automated > 99% efficiency
– Tested by the Wageningen University
– Improved product quality
– Only 16m² + 9000 bph

 ‘Head-only’ video’s

The Dutch Vision Solutions Head-only stunner is developed out of our unique Poultry Vision philosophy and give’s poultry processors a choice in how they meet current (EU) legislations.

The Dutch Vision Solutions Kill Line Shackle (KLS) splitter is developed out of our unique Poultry Vision philosophy and designed to work in combination with the Head-only stunner to create an staggering 99.4% accurate electrical stunning result in lines up to 14000 bph!

The best alternative for CAS

Quality & R.O.I.

The ‘Head-only’ electrical stunner delivers high quality (A-grade) product as Head Only stunning applies reversible anaesthesia to each bird, compliant with the latest rules and legislations.
( EU 1099 & WATOK )

Speed & Flock weights

‘Head-only’ electrical stunning is available for both 6” and 8” pitched lines with line speeds from 1000 up to 14000bph.

Handles varying flock weights from less then 2kg to over 3kg with a weight spread, within the flock, of up to 700gr before adjustment is required.

Stunning Accuracy

‘Head-only’ stunning decreases the amount of B grade and/or dead product with a staggering 32.8% and it lifts your stunning accuracy up to an electrifying 96.4% when running at 13500bph! Combined with the Kill Line Shackle splitter this becomes an unprecedented 99.4%!

Fits in all common lines

Important advantages of the ‘Head-only’ are A-grade product, less investment, short return-on-investment and the minor floorspace of 16 m2 then CAS. The ‘Head-only’ can be implemented in most common used lines from f.e. Foodmate, Baader-Linco, Meyn and Marel-Stork.

100% Proces Control

Graphic Screen

Tip of a finger access to all features. Access all features of the Head-only electrical stunner through the intuitive interface with the state of the art touch screen for operator, QC & maintenance staff as well as your veterinarian.
Alter operational settings, check sensors and look at the stunning results.Crucial data logged on a local PC. All crucial parameters, as described in EU1099, will be stored on a local PC for future reference. Data can be stored with lot name and stable number but will always have a date and time stamp. As the stored file is a csv format it can easily be accessed with Excel.

Science & Research

‘Less costs per bird (-0,974 Euro cent) then Controlled Atmosphere Stunning’

– Report from the commission to the European Parliament and the Council:
On the various stunning methods for poultry, Brussels, 19.12.2013


‘It can be concluded from this experiment that broilers are effectively stunned using a head-only stunner.’

– University Wageningen Proof of concept study, 2011

‘Therefore, it can be concluded that head-only stunning with a 1 second high current followed by a 3 second low current results in effective stunning’

–  Research Report 442: Efficacy of the Dutch Vision
high-low electrical head-only poultry stunner. WUR – Wageningen University & Research Centre 2015