In-Line Paw Processing

Dutch Vision Solutions (DVS) in The Netherlands is the world-wide manufacturer for DVS - PAW-processing systems. DVS is specialized in manufacturing for every inline KLS-system in the world,  supervises the installation and keeps a stock of spare parts for your convenience.

In-Line Paw Processing very profitable

Inline PAW-processing upgrades offal to a product for human consumption

Processing chicken feet for human consumption is not common in Europe, this is surprising because there are sufficient export possibilities to many Asian countries. In Europe these Feet are most often sold as offal (rendering plant, pet food).

DVS -  Paw processing system removes the ammonia burns and cuticle and processes Chicken Feet into an end product of good quality for export. (Feet, Paws and Shanks)

Brochure Paw Processing

DVS -  Paw processing system

The DVS In-line Paw Processing System has been specially developed for the automatic removal of ammonia burns. With this System a maximum output of A Grade Paws of up to 80% is achieved. The quality of the incoming live birds is decisive for the result. The rest of the Paws is sold as B Grade whilst the shanks can be sold as well. The Paw Recovery System tracks and maintains Feet and carcass identity; it is an In-Line process, which increases yield. By increasing the output of A Grade Paws a higher yield is achieved.

The system, which can be installed in any broiler processing plant.

Paw Processing System - Return on Investment (ROI)

The return on investment of a DVS In-Line processing system is, based on the capacity of the processing plant, between 6 to 9 months. If required a guaranteed purchase quotation can be made for your processed products. This may be an extra reason for investing in the DVS In-line paw processing system.

On the right you see a indicative ROI-calculation, click the visual for a better view or please download the pdf.

Are you interested in a good and profitable proposal?

Send us your processing plant drawing (covering killing/de-feathering and evisceration departments) with data on hourly capacity, used shackles, etc. and a tailor-made proposal will be worked out for you.

Together with this proposal you will receive an offer for the purchase of A and B Grade Paws (and/or Feet).

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