Smart Vision Process Control

With our long experience and broad expertise in the poultry processing business,
we always strive to make the most productive poultry processing machines possible.
With the smart vision solutions you will optimize your poultry process.

Smart Vision Counting Unit

Control your poultry process completely by always keeping track counting of your product intake. The Smart Vision Unit has a complete dust- and waterproof, robust, stainless steel camera housing and electrical panel (all IP67). It is the ideal way of using Machine Vision in those areas where processing lines are operating at the worst circumstances.

We supply the most accurate (live) bird counters to date, based on a non-contact principle to avoid any cross contamination. It’s accuracy of > 99 % on all shackled birds, no matter if they’re being hung high or low in their shackles or even the occasional “one” leg, is not yet matched. The state of the art camera is able to detect birds at line speeds of > 13500 bph accurately.

Smart Vison Processing Unit

Developed as a bird counting device the Smart Vision Poultry Processing Unit is also capable to detect cut-up line shackle positions. At any location it checks if the shackle is in the correct position prior to passing/entering any given cut-up module or rehanger. The Smart Vision Unit will stop the cut-up line if the shackle is positioned in the wrong way thus avoiding damage to the shackle, cut-up module and/or rehanger.
• Reducing replacement costs of shackles
• Reducing the replacement of modules and/or rehanger parts
• Reducing the overall down time of your cut-up line(s)
• Maintaining the maximum output of your cut-up line(s) with all shackles in it