Universal Electric Stunners

LP075 Universele electrical headstunning
Lagomorf/Poultry (max. 750mA)

Dutch Vision Solutions develops stunning tech-nology for the meat processing industry, for both small-scale and large-scale industrial purposes. The Dutch Vision Solutions’ applications are falling well within crucial parameters of European legislation regarding the slaughter of animals, which are established in the EC1099 and/or EFSA. A distinguishing factor is the one-person operating comfort and easy adjustment possibilities.

LS150 – Universal electrical head stunning
of goat, sheep, beef and pig

Both, the LP075 and the LS150 has a On-line with integrated modem inside.  The Universal head stunner is factory equipped with a mini-computer which your production is logged upon. The installed modem can be used to read your production data via internet/Wi-Fi connection.
This way you can also adjust the machine settings from any online situation.