Dutch Vision Solutions: About us

Dutch Vision Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the poultry processing industry. Dutch Vision Solutions is always innovating. We develop the best quality poultry processing machines through our constant research. Dutch Vision Solutions develops technology for the Poultry and Livestock processing industry, for both large-scale and small-scale industrial purposes. (Dedicated technology for killing, eviscerating, air chill, weighing, cut-up lines, ict-tools and cleaning.)

The Dutch Vision Solutions’ applications are falling well within crucial parameters of European legislation regarding the slaughter of animals, which are established in the EC1099 and/or EFSA.


electrical stunner

The ‘Head-only’ is a high standard alternative for CAS. It delivers high quality product as Head Only stunning applies reversible anaesthesia to each bird, compliant with the latest rules and legislations. Handling a production capacity varying from 3- to 14.000 broilers per hour (bph) it easily fits in with most poultry processors and delivers >99% well stunned broilers.

electric stunners

LP075 for Poultry & Lagomorphs and the LS150 for Livestock. The Universal head stunner is factory equipped with a PLC which your production is logged upon. The installed modem can be used to read your production data via internet/Wi-Fi connection. This way you can adjust the machine settings from any online situation. A distinguishing factor is the one-person operating comfort.

ICT-Solutions from
Ayin Software

Reliable data processing is essential to improve the way you work.
Recognizing possible problems in an early stage will allow you to react promptly and adapt accordingly.
With the Ayin Quality Control software for poultry processing you can now continuously monitor and improve product quality and food safety and at the same time reduce post processing labor.

Poultry Vision
Counting Unit

Control your poultry process with always counting your product intake. The Smart Vision Unit has a complete dust- and waterproof, robust, stainless steel camera housing and electrical panel (all IP67). The ideal way to control those areas where processing lines are operating at the worst circumstances.

Smart Vison
Poultry Processing Unit

Developed as a bird counting device the Smart Vision Unit is also capable to detect cut-up line shackle positions. At any desired location it can check if the shackle is in the correct position prior to passing/entering any given cut-up module or rehanger. The Smart Vision Unit will stop the cut-up line if necessarily.

Knowledge of
the whole process.

Dutch Vision Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the poultry processing industry.
Every improvement or innovation for your poultry processing plant can be done and will reduce the overall costs of ownership.